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You can place the orders be by phone or e-mail. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you to choose the right electric motor for your project.

Why to buy the electric motor from us?


Over 1000 types of electric motors in stock


99% of asynchronous motors in stock

IE1 – IE3

Electric motors in efficiencies from IE1 to IE3

Spare Parts

Large assortment of spare parts for electric motors, brakes, cooling in stock…

Various Types

Three-phase asynchronous, ring, ATEX explosion-proof, brake, single-phase, multi-turn, transmission…


We can provide electric motors modifications (speed sensors, temperature sensors, shaft modifications…)


Siemens electric motors of all types, efficiencies and ranges


CAG Electric motors


Motion control components, frequency inverters

We offer

SIEMENS There are all types, efficiencies and ranges of Siemens electric motors in our offer, for which we are a certified partner. We have almost 100% of asynchronous engines in stock, in IE1 to IE3 efficiencies.

Currently, we have around 1000 types of electric motors of all types, sizes and modifications in stock, which is the most in Czech Republic. This makes it very likely that you will find what you need.

CAG In addition to the SIEMENS electric motors, we also have high-quality CAG electric motors in stock.. We also offer a wide range of spare parts, brakes, coolings, motion control components, especially frequency inverters and we can also provide modifications to electric motors (speed sensor, temperature sensors, shaft adjustment, etc.).

About Us

We are family company with years of experiences in the field of electric motors, founded in 1998. The company owner has been engaged in an electric motor industry since 1967 and mainly because of this, the company has excellent knowledge and extensive experience in the field of electric drives.

We have a large storage area, which allow us to offer a wide range of electric motors, ready to be dispatched immediately. In our company you can also buy engine types that you could not buy any longer anywhere or you would have to wait a lot of days for theirs delivery.

We have more than 1000 types of electric motors in stock
We have more than 1000 types of electric motors in stock

We are a certified Siemens partner. Certification gives us access to the necessary resources and standards and, in particular, the rights to modify electric motors according to customer needs.

We make electric motors modifications of in a very short time. You can easily shorten the delivery period by several days or weeks by ordering electric motors from us, instead of directly from Siemens or another supplier of an electric motor.

We are located in Hracholusky, in South Bohemia region, 11 km from Prachatice and about 30 km from České Budějovice. Show on map.


Těsnohlídek Miroslav ml.

business manager

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Těsnohlídek Josef

managing Director, business manager - big orders

Mobile: +420 736 675 673


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